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Connecticut Pharmacy of Madison

Meet Our Newest Pharmacist: Doug Kane Background: I started as a pharmacy technician in Winthrop, MA in 1983. My first boss was Tony Evangelista, who had previously owned his own pharmacy. He taught me early on that if you treat your customers right and treat them like family your professional experience will be a great one. He was right. Kindness and compassion goes a long way in the world and I like to think that this is what I bring to the lives of those I see every day. – Val B

Connecticut Pharmacy of Madison

The newest location in the Connecticut Pharmacy family, Connecticut Pharmacy of Madison is a small town pharmacy focused on customer service and relationships. Our goal is to get to know our patients as more than just medication profiles so that we can offer the quality of service that has come to be associated with the Connecticut Pharmacy name. Aside from prescriptions, the Madison location boasts a quality line of surgical supplies and a great greeting card section. Doug Kane, our primary pharmacist, has been a part of the Madison community for a number of years, and is excited to be able to continue to make a difference to his patients. Connecticut Pharmacy at Madison offers medication management programs aimed at taking the hassle out of filling prescriptions and elevating overall health and wellness. 


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